Breaking Beautiful by Jennifer Shaw Wolf
Allie can't remember anything about the night Trip, her boyfriend, died and she suffered a severe concussion. Now she has to return to senior year in a small high school where she has only one friend, Blake, who is fresh from juvie. Lots of drama, repressed back history, complications including a detective from out of town, and under it all is the physical abuse by the town's richest family's Ken doll son. I really liked the portrayal of her twin brother who has cerebral palsy. Well written and lots of surprises up to the end. YA for violence and mature content. Very very good.

Sammy Keyes and the Power of Justice Jack by Wendelin Van Draanen
July 2012 release. Same problems with mom, her boyfriend's mom, and the old biddies living in her grandmother's apartment. Then Justice Jack in an actual spandex suit starts breaking up minor crime. Nothing especially unique about this one, but it becomes quite touching when Sammy has to help her obnoxious blackmailing neighbor, Mrs. Wedgeworth, the Wedginator. I enjoy Sammy's complicated life and the mysteries happening in Santa Martina. 4th+ Very Good.

One Year in Coal Harbor by Polly Horvath (net galley)
Companion to Everything on a Waffle. Primrose is settled back in with her mother and father, but there is still plenty of relationship and environmental strife. Will her uncle ever make a move on Miss Bowzer? Will the logging company clear cut the old growth forest opposite the town's famous bed and breakfast? And what about Ked, the new foster boy staying with Primrose's best friends Bert and Evie? There are some deep moments and great quotes in this. Comment on a teacher: "She credits us all with at least as much intelligence as we have." on Ked: "That's how he kept his kindliness. He exists in the thin places. He hovers there. He floats. I knew these places from when my parents had disappeared and I felt I floated, not quite in touch with people who had lives in gear on planet Earth. It was like he was an outline of who he was but the substance was not available to anyone. I know now that I could ask him questions about himself and his life but I wouldn't get answers. He was keeping himself safe and apart someplace where notheing and no one could quite touch him." Light humor and mild conflict. I thoroughly enjoyed this. 4th+ very good.

The Comet's Curse: a Galahad Book by Dom Testa
How have I not heard of Dom Testa?? local radio personality and a complete series of books for YA. In order to save the human race, scientists send 251 teens on a five year space voyage to a possible planet to resettle. Following a pass through the tale of comet Bhaktul, adults around the world start dying. And children become infected after they turn 18. Told by the onboard computer Roc, the initial few weeks of flight are threatened by an intruder. Much of the story is told as flashbacks by Roc giving the perspective of the developers and antagonists. Then there are the true characters--the teenagers on board. We only meet the leaders, Triana, Gap and Bon. This is full of tension, as well as poignant moments. And Roc sums up the reader's questions on the last page (what a great convention!). so read on. YA for ? there will be romance coming up I'm sure. Very Good.

The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis In the tradition of Bud, Not Buddy and The Watson's Go to Birmingham, this is the story of Deza Malone in 1936. The Malones have hit hard times in Gary Indiana and things really fall apart when Mr Malone has to leave his family to search for work. Deza is that one child in a thousand according to her teacher, and brother Jimmie has the voice of an angel. The plot here is complicated and believable while being filled with moving moments. Yes, the racial implications are important, but it is a family story as much as anything. I loved this. 4th+ Excellent.

Melonhead and the Vegalicious Disaster by Katy Kelly (net galley for publishing Sept 2012)
For once I miss the actual book form. I'm assuming this will look like an early chapter book. Possibly like Clementine. Melonhead is 12 and suffering typical school problems including a new fifth grade teacher who used to teach middleschool--What????! So the biggest problem is Melond's mother is on a veggie kick that includes making dinners from squash and more in the shapes of dolphins, cars and boats. Also there is a new girl in class who uses a wheelchair and is coddled by the teacher much to her chagrin. I didn't love this early on, but by the end it hooked me. OK. 3rd+

It's Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder
Today I thought "I should finish that book..." and then realized I already did last night. Obviously not a strong ending. It was a cute story about starting up a small business in a small town. The best part was the conflict between Sophie and her mother who seems to suffer from chronic depression. The realizations she comes to about her own decisions and how much she is responsible for her mother are good for thought. But the story line is a bit weak. CCBA nominee. 4th+ Passable.

A Web of Air by Philip Reeve
Sequel to Fever Crumb, this future world of non-technical, non-mechanical civilization finds Fever connecting with Arlo Thursday who is a reclusive inventor. This plot is quite complicated and it take some chapters to become invested. There is so much betrayal that the ending is just sad. Assuming there will be another in the series. The writing is excellent, and my only argument is the terrifically negative view of religion. "All over the world all sorts of good things are banned or forbidden in the name of one religion or another." that's sad. YA for violence, mild romance.

Dogs in the Dead of Night by Mary Pope Osborne
CCBA nominee for 2013. #46. Jack and Annie's mission is to find a rare flower and they travel to the Swiss Alps to do it. The story revolves around a historical event (not heavily) and (the main emphasis) the rescue dogs of Saint Bernard Monestary. Short and sweet like always. Great for 2nd + who are just starting chapter books. Interesting history.

Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Part two of Divergent. Chicago with its five factions is practically at war. Erudite(knowledge) has overwhelmed Abnegation (selfless rulers) with mindcontrol. Tris, a divergent, has fled with other Dauntless (the brave defenders) to Amity (peacemakers)headquarters. Candor (truth seekers) is unsure if they should take sides. Tris' tormented love, Tobias has to face his fears which are deep if few. A bit confusing at times, this book doesn't lack for death defying scenes. In contrast with Web of Air, Roth seems to respect the nature of faith in something beyond our own abilities, plus the power of forgiveness. Some good introspection going on. YA for violence (and lots of it) as well as steamy if unfulfilled love.
Middle School: Get Me Out of Here by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts
Rafe is back. Due to his awful bad luck, he is moving to the Big City with his mom and sister, into his grandmother's house.I don't want to give any of the story away, but he is still in middle school and has some great and not-so-great experiences. And discovers the truth about his dad. Silent Leo is still putting in his two cents. And the cartoon illustrations are a key piece to the story. 4th+ Very Good
Through My Eyes: a Quarterback's Journey by Tim Tebow
Apart from too much football, this is a good story. Kidding. But if you don't know football, skip this one. It is a great insight into a driven leader and what is important to him. 3rd+ simplified version.

Third Grade Angels by Jerry Spinelli (netgalley, release Sept 2012)
George, who goes by Suds, is starting third grade where the school chant goes: First grade babies, Second grade Cats! Third grade angels, Fourth grade rats! Their new teacher promises a halo to the angel of her class every month. Suds HAS to get it. He can't live with second place. The story had a slow start but the whole self-instilled pressure thing really caught me. Even in third grade. Good for Quest. 3rd+

The Cheshire Cheese Cat: a Dickens of a Tale by Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright
Unique. in a pub in the 1850's drama unfolds as Charles Dickens observes. Two cats, a thousand mice, a raven, and miscellaneous humans meet, fight, become friends and enemies, and eventually meet Queen Victoria. Good plot, and great animal characters. Extensive glossary, but the language may be difficult for some elementary readers. 4th+ Very Good.