mr death's blue-eyed girls by Mary Downing Hahn
Ms Hahn herself experienced a horrific murder of two girls in her school when she was in high school. This is a fictionalized version of her experience from the perspective of herself, her friends, one of the girls' boyfriend who was accused, and the murderer himself. Very thought provoking. Hahn lost her faith in God and man. As with all of her writing, well done. YA for sexual references.

The Cassini Code by Dom Testa
The Galahad ship continues on in space with its crew of teenagers and a plan to save the human race. After connecting with the alien being Cassini, the leadership believes they can help manuever through the dangerous Keiper Belt filled with hazardous asteroids. There is a rising group, however, who believe returning home is a better bet. How to deal with their first civil war? YA for romance themes.

The Moon Over High Street by Natalie Babbitt
Joe Casimir is facing a ridiculously big decision that may change his life forever. Mr Boulderwall, inventor of the swervit and a resident of the mansion on High Street, has made Joe an offer.

The Dark Zone by Dom Testa
Book 4: Galahad has made it through the asteroid belt with help from the Cassini, but now they are facing strange creatures they have called Vultures. What do you do when you can't communicate. First death during this episode.

The Kill Order by James Dashner
Not really my genre. I don't like horror movies and that's what this feels like. I got a bit confused in the middle because I had put it down for a couple of weeks. There were flashbacks and other references that lost me. The last 20% of the book involved a lot of the zombie-like Flare/virus infected human attacks that were pretty gross. After skimming throught the last chapters of biting, stabbing, hysterical mobs being atomized by the "hero's" high tech weapon while he is progressively losing his mind, there was a merciful end. Someone will like this. OK YA for ickyness.

Bar Code Rebellion by Suzanne Weyn
Kayla has gone into hiding after refusing to get a bar code tattoo. She soon finds out she is at the center of a worldwide conspiracy by Global-I. This is pretty classic and quite well written. The conclusion was just a tad neat. good for 6th graders. YA for violence and romance (light).

Cosmic Storm by Dom Testa Book 5
It just keeps getting better. Triana has disappered down a wormhole in deep space. Galahad has to elect a new Council Leader and Gap is the expected step-in candidate until a surprise candidate arises that makes this part soap opera and part life and death collision course. Great drama. YA for romance and creepy aliens.