The Galahad Legacy by Dom Testa
So often final books in a series are disappointing. No so in this case. Opening with the danger of being fried by cosmic radiation within days, with an alien on board, their leader (Triana) having traveled back to them through a wormhole, surrounded by "vultures", and Bon having regular communication with the Cassini this final episode could have gone in any direction. And it was FULL of surprises. How many times did I pause and think, "I didn't see that coming..."? This was terrific. Not to be read alone, of course, one must read each of the series in order. YA for romance I guess. Excellent

between shades of gray by Ruta Sepetys
Lithuania, June 1941--Lina is 15 and has been accepted into a prestigious art school when overnight her world is destroyed. The Soviet NKVD take her father, mother, young brother and Lina on a nightmare journey of 6500 miles over years ending in the Arctic Circle, Siberia. This is a difficult read due to the severity of the suffering, but based on the reality of Stalin's murder of twenty million people. Exceptionally well-written. YA for mature readers only. Compare to Bamboo People, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas or Sarah's Key.

Ungifted by Gordon Korman
Donovan Curtis, known as a major troublemaker at his middleschool, suddenly and shockingly finds himself enrolled at the local school for gifted and talented students. This has Korman's typical humor and insight. The school for Scholastic Achievement with its radical robotics club is just a tad overstated, but there are moments of "Oh yeah" for those of us at Quest. This has a great plot which is moved along by a variety of narrators: Donovan, Chloe (who has a crush on him), Noah (the actual real genius), Abigail (who is only concerned about Abigail), and Oz (Mr Osborne the Robotics sponsor). Excellent 4th+

Unwholly by Neal Shusterman
Sequel to Unwind. Helps to read the first. This has so many layers of action and issues. Do the AWOLs just try to survive or mount a true revolution? How to handle a fully built from parts "human" ??? Camus (Cam) learns more every day, but still is conflicted about himself. Others have to compromise their beliefs in order to save hundreds. And there is the storked leader Starkey who is a great leader but sleazy. This is suspenseful all the way through and begs for a finale. Excellent. YA for violence and mature themes.

Brother from a Box by Evan Kuhlman
Matt Rambeau opens a box from his uncle in France and meets an artificial genetically enhanced, cybernetically integrated, bionically modified life-form. His robot brother. Very creative pllot involving emotional conflict as well as guns and chases with spies. And some quite funny dialog from our hero. This is fresh and good for 4th+ (and just what I needed after Unwholly!) Nice twist at the end too. Very very good. 4th+

Remarkable by Lizzie K Foley
"Welcome to the town of Remarkable where every day in this remarkable place, filled with remarkable people, is positively remarkable for absolutely everyone except Jane." This is a humorous, silly, sweet mystery. There are evil twins, a pirate or several, sea monster, a remarkable dentist, and a grandmother mayor who is not easily impressed. Jane and her grandfather are absolutely average, which may have its benefits. The only thing I missed was a bit more philosophizing about what average/remarkable could mean. Very good. 4th+

Tiger's Destiny by Colleen Houck, The conclusion to the Tiger's Curse series. Lokesh has strengthen enough to make us doubt whether Kelsey and her tigers can really overcome. Once again, with lots of steamy unrequited passion Kelsey, Kishan, and Ren must find the Rope of Fire and settle a worldwide crisis. Trips to the underworld of a volcano and the high plains of the Himilayas make this a richly set drama. You need to have read the previous three for this one to make any sense, but the conclusion is worth it. Very Good. YA for lust and gore.